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Water Project Update:

September 5, 2017 - 2:44pm -- webmaster
  • The Town may implement a test run for the new booster pump station during daytime hours on Friday the 18th.
  • The Town is scheduled to start up the new booster pump station on Tuesday August 22nd.  This will be when the new well pumps are installed and the new booster pump station and water tank will permanently be placed in service.
  • The new water treatment unit, Reverse Osmoses (RO), will start up the week of September 11th.  It will take a couple days for anyone to notice an improvement in water quality due to the 90,000 gallons of storage in the new water tank. 

All water customers should be aware that due to the increase in pressure on the water lines, leaks may occur in service lines and possibly even in the streets.  Please call 970-520-1719 (Town Maintenance) or 970-571-0995 (Jared Davis) or 970-520-1871 (Heather) to report any water leaks that you may observe or if you need help turning water off to a residence.

Water pressure will be limited to 55 psi for the first few weeks of operation.  The town may elect to increase the water pressure at a later date and probably will not exceed 65 to 70 psi.

Startup of the RO unit will incorporate a blend of RO water with untreated water.  The standard blend ratio is two gallons of RO water to one gallon of untreated water.  

Many of you may have water softeners.  You may want to check with your supplier to determine if you need adjustments.  They may be able to measure the grains of hardness and make adjustments for the new treated water supply.  

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