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Town of Merino

Home of the Rams

Merino Fall Festival

Fun Filled Activities the 1st Weekend in October, starting with a parade.

Downtown Mural

A mural is being made to improve the downtown area. To be completed around June 2013.

Uranium Removal from Water

Merino's water supply contains uranium. Work is underway to design a treatment facility.


Latest News

Apr 25, 2014 | Press Release
There were a total of 71 votes at this years election. We will be welcoming a new mayor at the May...
Nov 23, 2013 | Press Release
The Town of Merino was awarded $430,000 in funding from the Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund.
Sep 6, 2011 | Press Release
The Water Quality Control Division has awarded a Small Systems Training and Technical Assistance (...

Tree Board

January 24, 2014 - 10:13am -- Jen Norell

Tree Board

The Board of Trustees would like anyone who is interested in being on the Tree Board to give Town Hall a call.  Please leave a name and number where we can best be reach you.  

Odds & Ends Antiques & Things

Come in and see our antiques and things. We are located on Hwy 6 west of Merino.  We offer consignment sales.  

Also available are drinks and snacks, and now Santiagos burritos!  We intend to grow into somewhat of a small convenience store.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 7:30- 4:30



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