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Town of Merino

Home of the Rams


The Town of Merino provides water to town residents and businesses, operating public water system id CO-0138025.

Water Service Rates

Water service is currently unmetered, though watering restrictions are in effect year round.



Type Monthly Rate Tap Fee
Merino Water Service Rates
Business $54 $1500
Residential In Town $49.25 $1500
Residential Out of Town $59.25 $1500
Elementary School $253  
High School $535  
Other $107  

Payment is due by the 15th of every month.  If you are one full month late, your water will be disconnected unless prior arrangements are made.

Repairs and Disconnects

The Town maintains the water pit and the first 10 feet of water line between the pit and the property.

Anyone needing water shut off or turned on should contact:

Town Maintenance 970-520-1719

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